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How to plan your new home! Step 7 to 9!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I hope you had fun in creating your different options for lay-outs. Now, the next step is to consider the best lay-out option and to select the style of your future home.

7. Review the different options that you sketched in step 6. Note, for each lay-out, the pros and cons. You may now see some way to combine elements of different lay-outs and can create a new sketch. Otherwise choose the lay-out that suits your needs the best.

8. You probably have a style in mind for your house already. However, keep an open mind and review the many different styles before making a final decision.

There are the popular Canadian styles: Cottage, Country, Modern, Ranch, Craftsman, Farm, Contemporary, and West Coast Style. Maybe a Mediterranean style like Spanish, Italian, or Greek is more for you? Possibly a Classical style: Neoclassical, Greek Revival, Tudor, Elizabethan, or a Colonial style are more to your taste?. Or you can draw inspiration from different styles and create one all your own.

9. The next step is to draft a plan of your home. You probably will need to consult a professional for this purpose. Take your sketches and other lists along to your designer to ensure they have all the information that they will need to draw the perfect plan for you. Alternatively, if you have selected a plan that you would like to have modified, bring this as well.

1st rough draft

Review the plan with your designer and ensure everything is as you would like it. Now is the time to make changes. Consider the following elements:

- Where do you usually plan to enter the house?

- Is there a place to put shopping items down, hang-up coats, and place shoes?

- Is each space the size you had imagined? Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom/s.

- Do you have space for storage where you need it?

- What rooms give you the best view? Is this where you spend most of your time while awake?

- Does each room have the privacy that you desire?

- Are the rooms placed in a logical and convenient fashion? For example, the kitchen should be close to entry to avoid having to carry groceries too far, the bathroom/s should be close to bedroom/s and so on...

Repeat these steps after each revision to the plan until you are happy with the result. Remember, now is the easiest time to make changes. Later in the process making changes will become much more difficult and costly.

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