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A statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

"the axiom that supply equals demand"

In Europe “Interior Design” is referred to as “Interior Architecture”. I prefer the term Interior Architecture to Interior Design because it clearly sets it apart from Interior Decorating and describes my profession more accurately. Interior Design and Interior Decorating are often confused. Interior Decorating is concerned about furnishing and decorating an interior space; it includes choosing colors, fabrics, and other decorative accessories. Interior Design – a.k.a. Interior Architecture – is concerned with human behavior and human interaction with the built environment. It focuses on finding solutions for well-functioning interiors that enhance the quality of life experienced by the occupants.

Interior Design is more than just about aesthetics – it requires a complex learned methodological approach that includes research, knowledge of the location and clients’ needs, following building codes, ergonomics, cultural sensibilities, and the ability to spatially integrate clients’ desires within the parameters of the available space and financial resources.

While the work of an interior designer includes interior decorating, in the main it encompasses a lot more and, therefore, requires a four-year university degree as compared to a two-year college diploma for an interior decorator.

Work of interior decorator

Work of interior designer

I thrive on the challenge of finding the best possible design solutions for people in existing spaces and in developing and planning efficient, functional, cost-effective, and beautiful new spaces.

It is a privilege to offer my services to you through Axiom Interior Architecture and Design.

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